Our Weathered Wood

Has Aged Gracefully for More Than 100 Years

About Us

KDM Forest Products is a wholesale/retail Recycled company located in Hollister, California. We supply reclaimed lumber to major retailers and distributors worldwide. KDM has re-purposed millions of board feet of salvaged/reclaimed Lumber since its founding. In the process, the company has helped offset the use of new Lumber along with the emissions associated with the logging, milling, processing and transportation of new Lumber. KDM Forest Products is also a leading force for the increasing use of reclaimed Lumber in high-end commercial buildings and residential building use. We believe that providing our clients with unique reclaimed materials give old lumber a new life, and pay homage to the people and structures that stood for decades. Plus, KDM will be able to certify that the lumber was reclaimed making it even more attractive for use in green LEED projects. Advantages of Reclaimed Lumber is its Beauty, Nail holes, bolt holes, seasoning checks, weathered patina and other character all enrich and enhance the natural beauty of Lumber. History and Character provides visual testimony to the Lumber’s unique heritage and story.

Reclaimed Lumber offers stability unavailable in new Lumber, because it was harvested and milled decades ago, and it is mostly dense-grain, old-growth material, reclaimed Lumber is harder and more durable than new lumber and offers a wide range of sustainability advantages over new Lumber.
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