• Douglas Fir

    80,000 b/f available

  • Hand Hewn Beams

    90,000 BF available of hand hewn oak beams

  • Old-Growth Redwood

    Old-growth C.A.H Redwood from olive tanks

  • Old-Growth Douglash Fir

    Old-growth Douglas fir beams 176,000 b/f available

  • Old-Growth Redwood

    Old-growth C.A.H Redwood timbers in many sizes

  • Old-Growth Redwood

    Wine tanks made of old-growth Redwood

  • Old-Growth Redwood

    500,000 BF old-growth Redwood from Hanger One

  • Nitro PDF World Headquarter

    Flavor Sticks

Architectural Reclaimed Wood Products

Timbers • Beams • Lumber • Siding • Flooring

Who We Are

KDM Forest Products is a wholesale Reclaimed/Salvage Lumber company located in Hollister, California. We supply reclaimed/salvage Old Growth lumber to major retailers and distributors worldwide. KDM Forest Products is also a leading force for the increasing use of reclaimed/salvage Old Growth lumber in high-end commercial buildings and residential building use. We believe that providing our clients with unique reclaimed/salvage materials gives old lumber a new life, and pay homage to the people and structures that stood for decades. History and Character provides visual testimony to the Old Growth Lumber’s unique heritage and story. Read More…


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